When it comes to tummy tuck surgery, patients should know exactly what can be achieved and what can’t. Whereas liposuction focuses only on the removal of unwanted fat cells from the body, tummy tuck surgery is meant to form contours by dealing with any range of conditions that keep the abdomen from appearing toned.

Excess Fat

Stubborn fat pockets are obvious culprits of a larger waistline. Whereas liposuction is often conducted as a single procedure, it may also be used as a part of a tummy tuck surgery to flatten the waist and stomach. Liposuction requires the use of tiny incisions and a cannula to break up and remove fat cells. These techniques can be used at the same time as a tummy tuck for optimal body contouring.

Excess Skin

While excess fat causes bulges, excess skin creates a droopy pouch that may hide even well-formed muscles in the abdomen that sit below. The amount of excess tissue will vary from just a touch to larger pockets. For a tummy tuck, Dr. Ehrmantrout re-drapes the skin around the abdomen so that it appears tight and flat, then trims off any excess. The incisions for this process are well-concealed within the bikini area.

Lax Muscles

Over time, muscles in the belly and the fascia that covers them will become loose. Unlike firm fascia, which holds everything in place, lax fascia permit bulging outward. Abdominal muscles will separate, giving the complete midriff a soft look. Throughout a tummy tuck, Dr. Ehrmantraut will, if necessary, sew this fascia and the muscles back to make everything toned and tight.

Placement of the Belly Button

Depending on the details of the tummy tuck, the doctor may have to relocate the belly button. This involves making a hole within the freshly taut abdominal skin, therefore the navel stays proportional with the remainder of the body. This process is often known as “umbilical translocation.”

When all steps have been completed, the incision is going to be closed off using either absorbed sutures or a special glue in such a manner that the patient may take a shower the subsequent day without the need to remove the sutures.

Since each patient contains a distinctive body size and form, as well as particular goals for a final look, every tummy tuck is its own procedure. Whereas there are common elements in all such surgeries, no two are going to be specifically alike. To start developing your custom tummy tuck procedure, contact Dr. Ehrmantraut for a consultation.

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