With more than 20 years of training and experience in plastic surgery, Dr. Wilfred R. Ehrmantraut, Jr., is well reputed for offering his patients in Southern Maryland exemplary results and unparalleled care. Plastic Surgery of Southern Maryland in Annapolis is known for its compassionate care where each patient gets undivided attention and a treatment plan tailored to suit their individual cosmetic goals.

The main aim at our practice is to help you feel beautiful, confident, and whole again. In order to help you regain your physical contours and confidence, we offer a range of cosmetic, reconstructive, and non-invasive procedures. Once we understand your problems and goals, we develop a customized treatment plan involving one or more of these treatments.

Facial procedures

Your face is the first thing anybody notices about you and it is natural to want to look as young as you feel. Unfortunately, with age and various other factors, facial harmony and definition is often lost. We offer a wide selection of services which help correct problems like sagging tissues of the face, the size and shape of your nose or ears, and volume loss. We also offer several reconstructive procedures that can help you in case of lacerations or a broken nose, for instance. Patients in Annapolis looking to change their facial appearance can choose from the following procedures:

Breast procedures

We offer a range of breast procedures for our patients in Annapolis to help them look and feel their best. Whether you wish to go up a size, lift sagging breasts, or are unhappy with a previously undergone augmentation and are looking for an implant exchange, we offer the latest in techniques and procedures. These breast procedures help our women patients attain well-proportioned contours so that they regain their self-confidence. Our breast reconstruction procedures help women with reconstruction after mastectomy and reduction of large breasts that cause other problems like back pain. Men with gynecomastia or male breasts can also regain their manly chest shape with a reduction surgery. Here are the procedures you can choose from:

Body procedures

There are various reasons, including age, weight fluctuations, pregnancy, and even genetics, that lead to certain body parts being out of proportion. Even those who maintain an ideal body weight with regular exercise and restricted diet face stubborn deposits in certain body areas that refuse to go. If you are also faced with sagging skin or fatty deposits that you have been struggling with, our expert team will evaluate your body and understand your needs before recommending the best combination of procedures to help you achieve your best body. Here are the procedures you can choose from in Annapolis:

Skin and scar reconstruction

We offer several reconstructive procedures of the skin which help address various issues like tumors, skin cancers, and scars from surgeries. You can also seek help with skin and earlobe repair, as well as wound care. Patients in Annapolis looking for treatments for skin and scars can choose from the following procedures:

Hand reconstruction

We need our hands to perform functional tasks on a daily basis, and any injury to the hands can be devastating. We help with tendon laceration repair when you have hit your hand on an object or suffered a laceration that has cut through skin, tissue, and tendons. Any injuries to the nail bed when your nail is crushed or broken can also leave you unable to use your hands; nail bed repair offered at our center in Annapolis helps the healing of the nails. Here are the procedures you can choose from:

Non-invasive procedures

Even though everybody wishes to look and feel their best, not everyone wants to undergo a surgery. We offer a wide array of non-surgical procedures for those who are facing aging signs like wrinkles, fine lines, and spots. You can also opt for non-invasive procedures to complement the results of a surgical procedure or when you did not qualify for a surgical procedure. Our team ensures you get the best natural results from these procedures like the neuromodulators, dermal fillers, and medical grade peels which offer just the results you desired. Patients in Annapolis can choose from the following procedures:

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