Mommy Makeover in Annapolis, Maryland

Pregnancy and childbearing can take a heavy toll on a woman’s body, and mommies in Annapolis might be feeling like diet and exercise just aren’t working. Whether it’s breasts, stomach, or lower body, a mommy makeover can restore a post-pregnancy body. Dr. Ehrmantraut and Plastic Surgery of Maryland offer this extensive procedure to mommies in Annapolis and the southern Maryland area.

What is a Mommy Makeover?

A mommy makeover is a term for a set of procedures that restore the areas of the body most affected by pregnancy. This highly-customizable process can include things like breast reductions, lifts, or augmentations; Liposuction procedures, tummy tucks, vaginal rejuvenation, thigh or arm lifts, or any other procedure that helps mommies in Annapolis feel like they have their pre-childbearing body back. Dr. Ehrmantraut and his trained staff can help you determine the best way to treat your problem areas.

Who should consider a Mommy Makeover?

Any mommy in the Annapolis area or southern Maryland that feels like her body has been permanently and negatively altered by pregnancy and childbearing can consider a Mommy Makeover. Candidates should meet with Dr. Ehrmantraut to determine whether they are able to successfully undergo invasive surgery, and should also have no further plans for childbearing, as this can disrupt the best results of a mommy makeover.

What happens during a Mommy Makeover?

Your mommy makeover procedure in Annapolis with Plastic Surgery of Maryland will depend on your initial consultation with Dr. Ehrmantraut, in which you will determine what procedures will get the best results from your body. Procedures like a breast reduction or tummy tuck will involve the removal of fat through Liposuction techniques, which can also be used on other areas of the body that store fat. A breast lift, which repositions the breasts in a more upright, perky position, might include an augmentation if needed. Your makeover might also include the tightening of loose muscles in the abdomen, arms, thighs, or pelvic area. Be sure to speak honestly with Dr. Ehrmantraut about your desired results so the best procedure for you can be crafted.

What are the Results and Recovery like?

The extent of your recovery after a mommy makeover will depend on many factors, primarily including the depth of your procedures. Since this is an invasive surgical procedure, downtime will be required, which may include some pain and discomfort as your incisions heal. Dr. Ehrmantraut will ensure you have care steps to follow, as well as prescribed medications for any pain or swelling. Your results will be best visible a few months after your procedure when your incisions are healed and you renewed body emerges.

If you are in the Annapolis and southern Maryland area and are interested in a mommy makeover procedure, contact Plastic Surgery of Maryland to schedule a consultation with Dr. Ehrmantraut.