Fat grafting is a cosmetic procedure where the patient’s fat is transferred from a part of their body where it is not wanted to a part of the body where it’s needed. This can include thin lips, hands, and hollow cheeks. Fat can even be used to rebuild a breast that has been lost to surgery. The one benefit of fat grafting is that since it comes from the patient’s own body, there’s no chance of rejection.

More About Fat Grafting

Fat grafting sounds new, but the earliest fat grafting procedures actually date back to the 1890s. It grew more sophisticated during the 1980s when the technique of liposuction came into its own. Liposuction uses a small-bore vacuum cannula to harvest fat from unwanted places in the body such as the stomach, the thighs, or the buttocks. Advances in liposuction have made this procedure easier and safer than ever.

After the fat is removed through liposuction, it’s placed in sterile syringes that are then put into a centrifuge. The action of the centrifuge separates out the fat cells from other types of cells that might have been removed by the liposuction. Then, the fat cells are placed in syringes and prepared to be injected into the patient.

How Long Does Fat Grafting Take?

The length of the fat grafting procedure can vary. It can take only about an hour if the fat is transferred to the lips or other small areas or a few hours if it is used to enhance larger areas of the body such as the buttocks. It can be done in conjunction with other cosmetic procedures such as microdermabrasion or even facelift. After a quick procedure, the patient can go home and resume some of their daily activities right after the fat grafting. In a more extensive session, the patient will need to rest for a couple of days at home. This is especially true if they had another cosmetic treatment along with the fat grafting. Patients can return for more fat grafting sessions if need be.

Fat Grafting Results

At first, Dr. Wilfred R. Ehrmantraut’s patients may be startled to see that the area where they had the fat transfer appears much larger than it should as if he had injected much too much fat. But they shouldn’t worry. Part of this is the normal swelling that comes after a medical procedure. It will go away after a few days. The body also absorbs some of the fat. All of this is taken into account by Dr. Ehrmantraut well before the treatment.

Who is a Candidate for Fat Grafting?

A patient can be considered a candidate for fat grafting if they are mentally and physically healthy and hold realistic expectations for the treatment. They should not smoke, and Dr. Ehrmantraut may ask them to give up alcohol and blood-thinning medications in the weeks before the treatment. The area that will donate the fat, of course, must have enough fat and should not have served as a donor site before because of the risk of scar tissue.

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Abdominoplasty or tummy tuck surgery is a cosmetic procedure performed for patients who struggle with excess skin and tissue on the abdominal area. This procedure helps to improve their body image and self-confidence, but has medical uses as well! Tummy tucks may help to improve scars left by previous surgical procedures such as hysterectomies.


  1. What is a Tummy Tuck Procedure?

Patients undergo tummy tuck surgery or abdominoplasty procedures to get rid of stubborn excess skin and tissue and to make their abdomen shapely and firm. The procedure is also performed for patients who have loose and sagging skin after major weight loss or after childbirth. Extra fat and skin are surgically removed and the muscles of the abdominal wall are tightened during the procedure.


  1. Procedure

Anesthesia is administered to the patient at first. A horizontal incision is made between the belly button and pubic hairline of the patient. Excess skin and tissue are removed from the lower abdomen and weak muscles are repaired. Another incision is made above the belly button and excessive skin and fat are removed. An opening for the belly button is surgically created and the belly button is pulled through the hole and sutured. Drains are placed under the skin to help prevent seromas.  The incisions are closed using sutures and/or surgical tape. Patients must wear a binder for four weeks following the procedure.


  1. Types

a) Mini Tummy Tuck is performed for patients with a firm upper abdomen. The procedure is performed to help make their lower abdomen flat and firm.

b) Full Tummy Tuck procedures are performed for patients requiring removal of fat from the lower and upper abdomen. The surgeon may also use liposuction to remove fat on the patient’s flanks.

  1. Mini Tummy Tuck Pros and Cons


  1. The procedure is short and quick
  2. The scarring is only above the pubic hairline
  3. The belly button is left untouched.


  1. a) The procedure is performed only for patients with excess fat in the lower abdomen.
  2. b) It does not always enhance the appearance of the patient and the belly button may need to be tightened.


  1. Full Tummy Tuck Pros and Cons


  1. a) Patients re-gain their self-confidence after full tummy tuck surgery
  2. b) Some stretch marks are removed during the procedure
  3. c) The tummy is firm, tight and flat
  4. d) The patient gets a trim waistline


  1. a) Full tummy tuck procedures are expensive
  2. b) There is a lot of scarring
  3. c) Risky because the procedure is a major surgical procedure
  4. d) The recovery period is longer


  1. Surgeon

Before deciding to get a tummy tuck surgical procedure performed, you must make sure that the plastic surgeon is an expert with experience in performing tummy tuck procedures and is Board Certified. Dr. Wilfred R Ehrmantraut Jr. MD is a Board-Certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon with wide experience in performing tummy tuck surgical procedures. He consults with patients at the Westlake Medical Center in Prince Frederick, Maryland. He performs procedures at major hospitals and at a Medicare-certified Outpatient Surgical Center.

If you are a good candidate for a mini or full tummy tuck procedure and the procedure is performed by a qualified and experienced Board-Certified surgeon at a fully equipped and certified surgical center, you will not only look beautiful but feel confident about your body image.

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When you get home after breast augmentation surgery, you are sure to be extremely excited and hopeful. Your new and improved breasts are finally here! However, you have to be patient while you are in the healing process. Taking the time to recover will help ensure that you receive the best results from your surgery.

Let’s take a look at the steps you will need to take following breast augmentation surgery.

Can I go home right after my procedure?

In most cases, yes. You’ll be able to go home and begin your recovery from breast augmentation surgery within a couple of hours after the surgery. Occasionally, patients must stay overnight to be monitored if there are other health concerns. Remember, you will need to have a trusted friend or family member pick you up from the center. You will not be permitted to drive yourself home.

How much pain will I be in after surgery?

Right after your surgery (and especially when the anesthesia wears off,) you will feel a bit of a burning sensation and light pressure. Many women describe the feeling as when your milk begins to come in after giving birth. This feeling should only last for a few days, but we will send you home with prescription medications that will help manage the pain. You’ll feel some tenderness and discomfort for a couple of months after your surgery. If you feel as if something is wrong or your pain levels are too high, please give us a call immediately.

What should I do for the first couple of days?

Before your surgery we recommend that you stock up on any essentials, such as food and toiletries. That way, you won’t have to leave your home for the first few days. You should also have someone there who can help you with daily tasks. Do not lift anything heavy. If you have young children, enlist the help of others. You can start driving once you are no longer taking your prescription narcotics. It is important to rest during this time so that your breasts heal properly.

When will I be able to return to work?

You’ll need to talk to your doctor about returning to work as the answer will depend on the type of work you do. If you have a desk job, you may be able to go back within a couple of weeks. For a job that involves physical labor, you may have to take off for a few weeks or take on light duties until you are completely healed.

When will I be able to exercise again?

You should avoid any type of exercise that could agitate your breasts, such as jumping or running. The exact time frame will depend on your body and the surgery you had. The general time frame is about a month for light to moderate exercise. For more strenuous exercises, please talk to our doctors. You do not want to put any strain on your implants, as this could cause internal bleeding.

How do I know that the implants are healing properly?

We will usually prescribe an antibiotic for use when you are at home recovering. This will help prevent infection from occurring. You will be able to shower whenever you would like, but we don’t recommend taking a bath or getting in a hot tub. You’ll want to keep your sutures as clean as possible while you are in the healing process.

Call Today for More Information

If you are considering breast augmentation for any reason, call and schedule an appointment with Dr. Ehrmantraut, a reputable surgeon with Plastic Surgery of Southern Maryland. Our number is 410-994-2706 or you can reach us by filling out our online form.


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While many think that liposuction is the answer to creating the ideal feminine silhouette, that’s not always the case. When it comes to the lower body and getting the curves you want, there are some considerations that go along with a liposuction procedure. Here are just a few.

The role of fat

It’s important to realize that the fat below the surface of your skin plays an important role in the contours of your body. While liposuction at the hips can help to make the flanks smoother, it must be done in a way that forms a natural transition to the buttocks. Dr. Ehrmantraut prefers to remove the love handles, also commonly referred to as the muffin top. When these fat rolls are removed, it allows for the buttock region to appear more curvaceous than ever before.

Avoiding liposuction on the buttocks

It’s easy to think that liposuction is performed on the buttocks themselves to achieve your results. The truth is that the buttocks very rarely have liposuction performed on them. When a cosmetic surgeon decides to perform liposuction on the buttocks themselves, it can actually increase the look of sagging and skin asymmetries of the body. When too much fat is removed from the buttocks and the hips, it can actually create more contour irregularities. These can be somewhat difficult to correct and sometimes may require fat to be reinjected into the area to enhance the volume.

Dr. Ehrmantraut is more focused on performing liposuction on the outer thighs, flanks, and upper buttocks. By removing the excess fat in these areas, it can allow the buttocks to look fuller. For example, when you have excess fat in the upper buttocks region, it can make the overall butt profile appear flat and wide. When the upper buttocks region is contoured with liposuction, it will provide dramatic results in the improvement of the overall region. In most cases, there will be no need for silicone implants or fat transfer procedures.

When is buttock liposuction appropriate?

Direct buttocks liposuction tends to be reserved for a small number of patients who are concerned about an overly large buttock profile to begin with. This form of direct liposuction can be attempted to help reduce the fullness of the buttocks region. However, your cosmetic surgeon must take special care to avoid sagging, dimpling, and other unwanted side effects that may happen as a result of fat loss.

During a direct buttocks liposuction procedure, the amount of fat removed is of high topic. Cosmetic surgeons will tend to err on the side of having too much left over than leaving too little behind. It’s always possible to go back and remove excess fat, but it’s more difficult to have to go back and inject fat into the area. Realize that liposuction on the buttocks is only going to partially help to improve the overall appearance of the body.

Schedule a Consultation

In most cases, liposuction around the surrounding areas is the answer to getting the buttocks shape that you want. If you would like to understand more about this type of liposuction procedure, we encourage you to contact Plastic Surgery of Southern Maryland today and let our helpful staff schedule a consultation that works best with your schedule.

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When it comes to tummy tuck surgery, patients should know exactly what can be achieved and what can’t. Whereas liposuction focuses only on the removal of unwanted fat cells from the body, tummy tuck surgery is meant to form contours by dealing with any range of conditions that keep the abdomen from appearing toned.

Excess Fat

Stubborn fat pockets are obvious culprits of a larger waistline. Whereas liposuction is often conducted as a single procedure, it may also be used as a part of a tummy tuck surgery to flatten the waist and stomach. Liposuction requires the use of tiny incisions and a cannula to break up and remove fat cells. These techniques can be used at the same time as a tummy tuck for optimal body contouring.

Excess Skin

While excess fat causes bulges, excess skin creates a droopy pouch that may hide even well-formed muscles in the abdomen that sit below. The amount of excess tissue will vary from just a touch to larger pockets. For a tummy tuck, Dr. Ehrmantrout re-drapes the skin around the abdomen so that it appears tight and flat, then trims off any excess. The incisions for this process are well-concealed within the bikini area.

Lax Muscles

Over time, muscles in the belly and the fascia that covers them will become loose. Unlike firm fascia, which holds everything in place, lax fascia permit bulging outward. Abdominal muscles will separate, giving the complete midriff a soft look. Throughout a tummy tuck, Dr. Ehrmantraut will, if necessary, sew this fascia and the muscles back to make everything toned and tight.

Placement of the Belly Button

Depending on the details of the tummy tuck, the doctor may have to relocate the belly button. This involves making a hole within the freshly taut abdominal skin, therefore the navel stays proportional with the remainder of the body. This process is often known as “umbilical translocation.”

When all steps have been completed, the incision is going to be closed off using either absorbed sutures or a special glue in such a manner that the patient may take a shower the subsequent day without the need to remove the sutures.

Since each patient contains a distinctive body size and form, as well as particular goals for a final look, every tummy tuck is its own procedure. Whereas there are common elements in all such surgeries, no two are going to be specifically alike. To start developing your custom tummy tuck procedure, contact Dr. Ehrmantraut for a consultation.

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What are Gummy Bear Implants?

Cohesive gel implants, which are also known as gummy bear implants, are form-stable breast implants that are shaped like a teardrop. Gummy bear implants offer a variety of sizes, and they tend to look more natural than traditional silicone and saline implants. This is because gummy bear implants have more projection at the bottom with tapering toward the top.

Gummy bear implants are made with a layered silicone outer shell that is thicker than the silicone filling inside the implant. The firm consistency gives the implant the capability to maintain its shape if the shell ruptures.

The three biggest manufacturers of cohesive gel implants are Mentor, Allergan, and Sientra. Mentor’s MemoryShape implants offer six shapes, and twelve shapes are available with the Allergan’s Natrelle Style 410 breast implants. Sientra breast implants are offered in five shapes.

Breast Implants and Cohesive Gel Questions

As with any type of cosmetic surgery, it is important to have an understanding of the procedure that you have in mind, such as what advantages and disadvantages it has to offer.

What are the Pros of Gummy Bear Implants?

There are many advantages of cohesive gel implants. The major benefits of gummy bear implants are their durability and natural-looking shape, but there are several other advantages, which include:

Leaking is Less Likely

Gummy bear implants are less likely to leak than traditional silicone and saline implants. With cohesive gel implants, leaking is rare because they typically do not cause fold lines to develop that put strain on the implants. These implants are made with a semi-solid interior, so if there is a rupture, the gel wouldn’t migrate very far.

Prevents Folding and Rippling

The cohesive silicone gel material creates a specific shape, so it won’t move when placed under the breast tissue or muscle. The high-strength cohesive gel has tight molecular bonds that keep the shell from collapsing, which will prevent folding or rippling.

They Maintain Their Shape Longer

Gummy bear implants are made with a cohesive gel that is more likely to hold the shape of the implant longer than other types of implants. This is because the cohesive gel is thicker than the material that is used in traditional silicone implants.

They Offer Natural-Looking Results

Cohesive gel implants look and feel more like breast tissue than saline or traditional silicone implants. The round base and teardrop shape of gummy bear implants provide women with a natural look, which is why it is popular with many patients.

There is a Lower Risk of Capsular Contracture

Capsular contracture occurs when internal scar tissue forms around the implant and is common among breast augmentation patients, but it is less likely to occur with cohesive gel implants because of its unique makeup.

What are the Cons of Gummy Bear Implants?

While cohesive gel implants offer a number of advantages, there aren’t many cosmetic surgeries that are free of drawbacks. Some cons of gummy bear implants include:

They’re the New Kid on the Block

Traditional silicone implants with a round shape have been the standard implants used for breast augmentation for years, so these implants have been subjected to more studies than gummy bear implants. There are only a few long-term studies regarding cohesive gel implants.

They are More Expensive

One of the biggest disadvantages of cohesive silicone gel implants is that they are more costly than saline or traditional silicone implants. The price of gummy bear implants will primarily depend on the technique that is used to carry out the procedure.

Would you like to know more about gummy bear implants? If you have any breast implants and cohesive gel questions, contact us for a consultation to see if the procedure is right for you! We welcome the opportunity to help you achieve your aesthetic goals.

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October is Sudden Cardiac Awareness Month, and Dr. Ehrmantraut is featured in CalvertHealth Magazine’s Fall issue for his advocacy for immediate action when it comes to SCA or sudden cardiac arrest. This life-threatening condition affects nearly 350,000 people in the United States each year but can be aided by immediate action by those around them.

A key to this call-to-action is a readily-available AED, or automated external defibrillator, which are now installed at Calvert County parks in the event of SCA, thanks to an initiative by Dr. Ehrmantraut. These small-but-important units can analyze the unusual heart rhythm that is indicative of SCA and administers a shock to restore a regular rhythm. In addition to an available AED, park staff is now certified in life-saving CPR techniques to be administered immediately while emergency services are on the way. These two components are pivotal in greatly increasing the chance of survival from SCA when in an isolated location.

Dr. Ehrmantraut knows this danger well, as a regular participant of local adult soccer leagues who frequent the county parks. Dr. Ehrmantraut is also the chief of medical staff at CalvertHealth Medical Center and was able to advocate for an initiative towards greater SCA preparedness with the district. CalvertHealth Medical Center offers community classes in infant and adult CPR, AED use, and first aid techniques, and Dr. Ehrmantraut recommends these classes to anyone who works with or knows at-risk individuals since seven in ten SCAs occur at home.

In addition to training yourself in CPR and first aid techniques, Dr. Ehrmantraut recommends recognizing the secure, clearly marked location of these AED devices at your next county park visit. To learn more about Dr. Ehrmantraut’s initiative during Sudden Cardiac Awareness Month, check out Calvert Health Magazine’s latest issue here.

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If you’re looking for an all-natural, versatile procedure, fat grafting may be the procedure for you. Fat grafting can be used to rejuvenate the face or enhance the body using your own fat. Fat transfer is an incredibly versatile procedure with a very low possibility of complication. However, before you make your decision it’s important to know who is a candidate, the possible applications, and the surgical process.

How Does It Work?

For a fat grafting procedure, the process can be summed up in three steps:

Your fat is harvested – To begin the procedure, a donor site previously decided by you and your doctor will have an incision made for fat removal by liposuction. Once the fat is carefully extracted, it will be stored until it is time to process it further.

Preparation & filtration – After your fat has been harvested, the fat will be prepared by removing any impurities and then transferred into small syringes for fat injection. The fat is often spun in a centrifuge in order to remove any impurities by filtering the fat, making it ready for placement.

Placement/Injection – Once enough fat is harvested and filtered, the fat is then ready to be injected into the treatment area. The most common way for a fat graft to be placed in the use of syringes, much like a dermal filler would be injected. This can be done immediately or at another time.

Who is a Candidate?

The ideal candidate for fat grafting is a patient who is in good general health and has a donor site with sufficient excess fat. In addition to good health and sufficient fat supply, it is important that you do not have any circulation issues. Circulation issues can stem from medical conditions or smoking.

Where can I have it Done?

Fat grafting can be used to enhance many areas of the body including the face, breasts, buttocks and even hands. Some of the most popular areas to be enhanced by fat grafting are:

  • Facial wrinkles and folds – Just like a dermal filler, your own purified fat can be used to fill in wrinkles and folds by adding lost volume to these areas.
  • Breast augmentation – Instead of using implants, you can use fat grafting for a subtler enhancement that increases your bust size by one half to one full cup size.
  • Natural butt lift – While there are injectables available for buttock augmentations, fat grafting is by far the best choice because it is long lasting and natural.
  • Hand rejuvenation – As we age, our hands tend to show it too and the bones and tendons look more visible. Fat injections can help add volume and smooth out the look of the hands for a more youthful look.

If you are interested in learning more about fat grafting, contact our office today to schedule a consultation.


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One procedure that we feel doesn’t get talked about enough is the eyelid lift or blepharoplasty. This procedure is relatively simple in comparison to a breast or body procedure but makes a world of a difference to one’s appearance. The facial enhancement procedure gives patients the flexibility to have the top, bottom or both lids done for a more refreshed look.

Minimal Scarring

One of the most appealing characteristics of this procedure is the easily hidden incisions. Even though any incisions will likely fade well with proper care, these incisions are made carefully in the natural crease of the eye. This could be the upper eyelid crease that cannot be seen with the eye open or the crease at the lower lid.  With these carefully hidden sutures, you can enjoy a seamless recovery.

Simple Procedure

A blepharoplasty is typical, an outpatient procedure performed under local anesthesia and sedation. The procedure itself is not incredibly invasive and mainly consists of the removal of small areas of excess skin or tiny fat deposits. After the procedure, you will be moved to a recovery area before you are released to a friend or family member to go home.

Inconspicuous Results

Once you are home and healing, you will find that the incision sites are barely noticeable. Once your skin has healed, you will be left with a more youthful appearance that doesn’t look overdone or change the structure of your face. Most often, we hear that patients’ friends and families ask what they’re doing differently because they look more rested and healthy with a more open-eyed look.

If you are in the Southern Maryland or Capitol area, call our office today to schedule your consultation with Dr. Ehrmantraut. We offer a wide variety of cosmetic and reconstructive procedures and look forward to helping you achieve your personal goals.

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Are you unhappy with your small or asymmetrical breasts? Maybe you avoid wearing certain clothing items, or feel uncomfortable wearing a bathing suit. If so, you may be able to benefit from a breast augmentation. This popular procedure option can augment your breasts for an improved breast contour. However, there are some things that you should consider before undergoing this procedure.

Breast Implant Type

There are a few implant types to choose from, including saline, silicone, and gummy bear. Saline implants are filled with a saltwater solution, while silicone implants are filled with a silicone gel. Gummy breast implants are also filled with silicone, but their gel interior is thicker and has a gummy bear-like consistency, so they hold their shape very well.

Breast Implant Placement

Breast implants can also be placed underneath or over the chest muscle. Implants that are placed under the implant provide a more natural look and feel, but do take longer to heal. Implants that are placed over the muscle heal quicker, but are at a higher risk for capsular contracture and rippling.

Breast Implant Size

Choosing the right implant size is important to achieve your aesthetic goals. For those who want a more natural augmentation, choosing small implant may be the answer. However, a discussion with your plastic surgeon during your consultation can help to make this process easier.

If you are interested in a breast augmentation, contact our office today to schedule your initial consultation!

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