October is Sudden Cardiac Awareness Month, and Dr. Ehrmantraut is featured in CalvertHealth Magazine’s Fall issue for his advocacy for immediate action when it comes to SCA or sudden cardiac arrest. This life-threatening condition affects nearly 350,000 people in the United States each year but can be aided by immediate action by those around them.

A key to this call-to-action is a readily-available AED, or automated external defibrillator, which are now installed at Calvert County parks in the event of SCA, thanks to an initiative by Dr. Ehrmantraut. These small-but-important units can analyze the unusual heart rhythm that is indicative of SCA and administers a shock to restore a regular rhythm. In addition to an available AED, park staff is now certified in life-saving CPR techniques to be administered immediately while emergency services are on the way. These two components are pivotal in greatly increasing the chance of survival from SCA when in an isolated location.

Dr. Ehrmantraut knows this danger well, as a regular participant of local adult soccer leagues who frequent the county parks. Dr. Ehrmantraut is also the chief of medical staff at CalvertHealth Medical Center and was able to advocate for an initiative towards greater SCA preparedness with the district. CalvertHealth Medical Center offers community classes in infant and adult CPR, AED use, and first aid techniques, and Dr. Ehrmantraut recommends these classes to anyone who works with or knows at-risk individuals since seven in ten SCAs occur at home.

In addition to training yourself in CPR and first aid techniques, Dr. Ehrmantraut recommends recognizing the secure, clearly marked location of these AED devices at your next county park visit. To learn more about Dr. Ehrmantraut’s initiative during Sudden Cardiac Awareness Month, check out Calvert Health Magazine’s latest issue here.

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